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Strictly Sports offers competitive training in fastpitch softball. Sue Oran has over 23 years experience as a fastpitch instructor, as well as 25 plus years as a competitive softball player. There are many training options to fit personal and team needs, from individual training to speed and agility training.



Individual Instruction is designed to give the athlete the one-on-one experience they desire with instructor Sue Oran. The instruction is focused on what the athlete needs to be successful as a pitcher starting with the evaluation of basic fundamentals and progressing to advanced techniques. While working with Sue, videotape analysis is used to document the progress of each pitcher. Videotape analysis is also used as a teaching tool for the athlete to see their technique.


Group Classes are offered throughout the year for pitching and catching. Group classes range from basic fundamental skills to advanced training techniques. 


Catching Coach Hilda Stone works year round providing private instruction, group lessons and has various clinics. While working with Hilda the player(s) use tools such as videotape analysis to enhance their skills. Hilda has over 12 years of coaching experience with both ASA programs and 6A high school programs. She has worked with and produced some of the best catchers in the state of Oregon. Every catcher can learn from her experience and catcher expertise.  

Please contact Hilda for inquiries about catching lessons or clinics


Speed and Agility is instructed by Alex Molden in a group atmosphere. Alex is a Sports Performance Specialist along with a Division 1 football player with NFL experience (8 years). Alex is a sports performance trainer at Nike World Headquarters and holds a degree in Psychology. He also has certifications from International Sports Science Association, youth fitness trainer from ISSA, USA Olympic lifting specialist and is S.P.A.R.Q. certified.

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